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Greetings from Mr. Eduardo J. Alaniz, Principal of Roosevelt Alternative School (RAS), Mission CISD,
Roosevelt Alternative School offers academic support to all the schools in the District by providing an educational and self-discipline alternative instructional program for students who violate the Student Code of Conduct to an extent that merits removal from their regular classes to a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP).  Typically, a 30-day placement defines the duration of most placements.   Regardless of whether the placement is for mandatory or discretionary disciplinary reasons, I firmly believe that by working closely with the students assigned to RAS that they will return to their home campuses with the skills necessary to achieve academic success. 
Roosevelt provides a technology-rich educational environment and a curriculum enriched with skills relevant to real-world applications.  We have undertaken initiatives relative to recent current events such as providing trainings where students receive certifications from local First Responders through a nationwide campaign entitled “Stop the Bleed”.  This national program provides training on response to and treatment of victims in the case of an active shooter.  In addition, our students receive training and hands-on experience in CPR.  We strive to expose our students to available community resources that provide avenues for them to continue their educational experience beyond high school through supervised trips to South Texas College and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.  Our students are encouraged to explore fields of study in the Sciences through visits to select sites such as the planetarium.  At RAS, we foster a culture defined by a mindset that the world holds unlimited possibilities and one of a “you can do this” attitude.  Creating a safe learning environment void of marginalization but prolific with a strong sense of belonging is paramount.  During my tenure, we are proud of the results of the work completed on our physical plant, as well as, on the school grounds.  It transformed the campus.   The changes helped provide a welcoming atmosphere for our students and visitors.
My philosophy is that all students can learn.  I firmly BELIEVE that all our students will succeed given the proper support and required services. Student success is paramount; therefore, three areas that I monitor closely as they are key to student success are: 1) communication with the student’s parent; 2) student attendance; and 3) student’s grades. However, because it is understandable that student success extends beyond the school day, I actively solicit students and parents to become active participants in the educational process. 
My motto for my campus is: “Better Choices, No Excuses”. I place great responsibility on our students for their choices and any subsequent consequences and have high expectations for them.  My teachers and staff accept the fact that I hold them to high expectations.  We teach our students that life is not easy and that they have to work hard to earn their life’s desires. It is my philosophy that Roosevelt is not about how many trophies, ribbons or U.I.L. events we win; but, rather that we are here to help shape students’ lives and help students succeed once they exit from Roosevelt.
Eduardo J. Alaniz, Principal
Roosevelt Alternative School

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Attendance Matters!

At Roosevelt Alternative School, we emphasize the importance of attendance to both our students and staff. Attending school daily will open the doors to a better future, and provide the knowledge and necessary skills for lifelong learning.
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Today, Superintendent Dr. Carol G. Perez and other directors of Mission CISD Central Office surprised our students and staff with a luncheon to celebrate our 12 days of Perfect Attendance and for meeting the ADA Attendance goal for the 2nd Six Weeks.