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Dress Code


Dress Code



The following are the dress code requirements that students will follow in addition

to the Standardized Dress Code and the District Student Code of Conduct:


  • School shirts will be purchased at Roosevelt Alternative School and must be tucked in at all times.


  • Trench coats, jackets, hooded sweatshirts, and overcoats are not allowed, except in inclement weather. During inclement weather, you may wear them to school, but they will be turned in to Security and returned to you at dismissal.



  • Sweat shirts and long sleeve shirts may be worn underneath the school shirt.


  • The wearing of jewelry will be allowed as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  Earrings or studs for boys are prohibited on any part of the body on school premises.  Girls are prohibited from wearing earrings or studs on any part of their bodies other than their ear lobes on school premises. 



  • Appropriate footwear shall be worn at school.  Shoes that present a safety concern are not allowed.  Sneakers/Tennis shoes should be worn for PE participation.  Flip-flops/thongs are not allowed.  Steel toe footwear is not allowed.


  • Hair must be clean, neatly combed and out of the eyes and face.  Boys’ hair shall not extend beyond the top of the shirt collar; Mohawks, ducktails or ponytails will not be allowed.  Hair that is styled in a manner that is extreme, outlandish, distracting or draws attention to the student is not allowed.


  • Hair coloring is limited to only natural hair colors.


  • Sideburns shall not extend beyond the bottom of the earlobe.  Mustaches shall be neatly trimmed.  Beards are not permitted.  Boy’s eyebrow(s) shall not be shaved or altered.


The discretion of the principal or his/her designee will prevail.



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Updated 7/22/09